• Stable Access to Power

    Plant Availability

    With a focus on strategic investments, AC Energy also operates thermal assets to complement its renewable energy projects and to ensure power reliability.

    In 2020, AC Energy was able to achieve significant improvement in operating efficiencies. Plant availability increased by 29 percentage points for its thermal assets, borne out of the plant renewal initiatives that the company carried out when it started the transformation journey in the middle of 2019.

  • South Luzon Thermal Energy Corp.

    Net Capacity
    244 MW

    Operating as a baseload plant, SLTEC supplies the power demand of Luzon. The company owns and operates a 2 x 122 MW circulating fluidized bed thermal plant in Calaca, Batangas, with the first unit commencing its operations in April 2015, followed by the second unit in February 2016

  • Peaking Plants

    Total Net Attributable Capacity*
    275 MW
    Ancillary Service Capacity
    198 MW

    Balancing the fluctuating power requirements, operating during periods of high level demand for electricity and thereby reducing stress on the grid, AC Energy's peaking plants aid in power stability.

    AC Energy's operating peaking plants have existing Ancillary Service Procurement Agreements (ASPA) with the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, enabling each plant to provide reserve power to the Grid.

    *includes the Ingrid Power Pililla project under construction