Ensuring Reliable Energy

As AC Energy scales up its renewables business, it also ensures its power plants are operating at top efficiency. In 2020, the company was able to achieve significant improvement in operating efficiencies and reliability for its plants. The improvements were borne out of the plant renewal initiatives that AC Energy carried out when it started its transformation journey in 2019.

With a focus on strategic investments, the company also operates thermal assets to complement its renewable assets and ensure power reliability, with these assets increasing availability by 29 percentage points.


AC Energy Corporation (PSE: ACEN) is the listed energy platform of the Ayala Group. The company has ~1,200 MW of attributable capacity in the Philippines. This is expected to increase with the planned infusion of AC Energy International, which has ~1,400 MW of attributable capacity.

  • Philippine Assets

    Net Attributable
    ~1,200 MW
    ~670 MW
    Acen Philippine Assets Map

    * Map shows installed capacities as of June 2021 and presents DC capacities for solar projects. Includes Arayat Solar, which commenced construction on 26 April 2021.

    Operating Status

    Operational Status Chart


    Technology Chart
    Operating Plants
    Under Constructions
  • International Assets1

    Net Attributable Capacity
    ~1,400 MW

    Acen International Assets Map

    1. Infusion of the international assets by AC Energy and Infrastructure Corporation into ACEN is subject to applicable regulatory approvals.
    2. Includes 40 MW wind for Mui Ne under construction

    Map shows installed capacities as of end June 2021, and presents DC capacities for solar projects

A Rapidly Expanding Footprint

As AC Energy accelerates its
renewable energy investments, it remains fully committed to play a meaningful role in the green-led recovery.

Philippine Assets

Remaining to be its core market, AC Energy has built a solid platform in the Philippines from which to continue its growth as a company, while contributing to the nation’s progress.

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International Assets

AC Energy’s international assets reached ~1,400 MW of attributable capacity in operation and under construction, spanning Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia and India. 100% of these capacities are from renewable sources.

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In Focus

Retail Electricity Supply

AC Energy Corporation is a licensed Retail Electricity Supplier, authorized to sell electricity to contestable customers identified under the ERC’s Retail Competition and Open Access.

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ACE Enexor’s primary focus is on oil and gas exploration and production in the Asia-Pacific region, with a goal to provide the Philippines its next major source of natural energy.

For more information, visit: www.enexor.com.ph

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