South Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation (SLTEC) is a wholly owned* subsidiary of AC Energy Corporation (ACEN). The company owns and operates a 2 x 122 MW circulating fluidized bed thermal plant in Calaca, Batangas, with the first unit commencing operations in April 2015, followed by the second unit in February 2016. SLTEC operates as a baseload plant supplying the power demand of Luzon.

*Subject to regulatory approvals

AC Energy Economic Stake: 100%*

Plant Location:
Calaca, Batangas

Net Capacity:
244 MW

The plant is a 2 x 122 MW Circulating Fluidized Bed thermal plant with Dongfang boilers and Harbin turbines and generators.

Management Team:
Sebastian Lacson

Manila Office:
4F 6750 Office Tower
Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Contact Details
+632 7730-6300