To help reduce the environmental impact in its construction sites and host communities, AC Energy developed a program to sustainably use its resources, and eliminate waste by reusing or recycling them.

In the Alaminos and Palauig construction sites, a total of 32,540 kg of plastic from solar panel packaging were upcycled into eco-bricks, which were then used as construction materials for the plant facilities.

Plastics are used as a general packing material, and it is no different with products like solar panels that need to be delivered from the factory to the project site. The amount of plastic that was used to wrap the panels for the new solar plants alone weigh over an estimated 12,000 kilograms. Rather than dispose of this non-biodegradable material to the landfill, AC energy used it as an opportunity to pilot its waste management system that fosters a collaborative space for environmental, social and economic initiatives.

AC Energy aims to extend this circular approach and close the loop within its project locations through the development of Eco-hub recycling facilities. This program will not only help manage the issues on community plastic wastes, but will also create income and livelihood for the community. A partnership with the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte is underway for implementation this year. It will be the first of many that AC Energy envisions to create within its developments.